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Reporting to police someone trying to disrupt my nights sleep during my stay in the emergency ward at the psychiatric hospital at Vinderen in Oslo

(Note: Disruptions stopped on Friday 9.11.2018)

Getting enough sleep is very important for having a sound mind. Therefore it is very important that patients’ sleep is not disrupted in psychiatric hospitals.

I believe someone in a very dedicated way have tried to disrupt my sleep during night time 5.11.2018, 6.11.2018 and 8.11.2018 by opening and closing a door near my room in ways making more noise than normal.

I went to bed around 11pm on wednesday 7.11.2018 and about one hour later I asked Thor (or Tor) being on night watch in the ward for a sleeping pill. Thor and Marie were on night watch that evening.

I woke up just after 0400 am, possibly because of a door, and had a difficulty falling asleep again because of one or more doors being opened or closed near my room. One of the patient-rooms had a separated toilet with an entrance from the hallway so if a door had opened once or twice that could have explained the sounds but it was not about that. After some time I took a look into the hallway 10-20 secunds after a door had opened and closed but then only saw the door to room number 8 closing. I saw no person.

I entered the hallway again from my room and told another person on night watch about my problem and thereafter went to bed again. Around 6 am Marie looked into my room (routine) and around 6.30 Thor.

After having showered and dressed I put on clothes,I  left my room and talked with another person on duty named Ola about my problem, and then a woman who said she would recommend or suggest in my medical journal I could sleep at home. Perhaps thinking I could be a daytime patient.

There is no doubt that noises were made to disrupt my nights sleep. I have filed many reports to the Norwegian police since 2011 and I assume the motive is to find in my filing at Majorstuen police station in Oslo 7.11.2018 (dated 6.11.2018) or in my other filing to police dated 8.11.2018.

I file this report to the police because it is serious that someone have disrupted my nights sleep in this way. It is a police matter when or if people in the hospital do not understand the seriousness of the matter. I think the following should happen:

  1. A representative in the hospital acknowledges that my assertions may be right and offers me to sleep at home if they cannot prevent noise caused in such a dedicated way to disrupt my nights sleep; or
  2. An investigation of the hospital’s employees and patients is started to uncover obvious attempts to cause psychological disease, and people having taken part in it are prosecuted and punished according to Norwegian law and fined for the pain and suffering they have caused.

I am fully aware of my responsibility when filing this report to the police both as a witness and victim.

Oslo 8.11.2018
Christian Morten Borge (94782202)

-Reporting the Medical Officer in the city district of Ullern in Oslo to the police
dated 6.11.2018 and filed 7.11.2018 (14 pages)
-Reporting to police a possible research project using new technology for Reading a Person’s Thoughts dated 8.11.2018 (5 pages)



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