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Email to Nato today


I had a problem finding a right email adddress for a responsible person of staff in Nato’s webpage

so please pass on my message to a responsible person. Preferably ….

I have had a problem since May 2011, 2 months prior to the terrorist attack in Norway, with a network of mentally ill people. I believe psychosis is the right word because they behave in ways that is not normal, and committ crimes/violate human rights if interpreting law and human rights in a sane way.

Someone high up has has denied relevant information concerning what must have been going on for years prior to the terrorist attack, and I think there is a link.

One of the challenges I have had is persecution from time to time, and that someone has pulled strings and manipulated circumstances in ways that has affected my life in different ways since 2011. I believe that a motive initially was a sports project I worked on, and that their motive made them do stupid things prior to 22nd July, and that they they have tried to cover up what actually happened before 22nd July at other peoples expense, including mine.

The reason for why 22nd july happened may also have been more complex than people have thought. it is obvious that details are very important to understand.

It is a very serious case, and important that people involved get pscyhological or psychiatric help. They should have been charged for different crimes but for now the most important thing is that their behaviour is corrected. I don’t believe they regard their actions as wrong but they are. They are holding on to lies and behave in ways that is not acceptable.

I have wondered if people in the Norwegian labor party and LO have been involved, including Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg in 2011, now secretary general of Nato. If he is he is mentally ill. Any person involved, regardless of who and position, is. The person needs to see a psychologist at least.

What has been going on around me must stop and people behind must get professional help.

I here provide three links to videos I have recently shared in my youtube account:




I also sent an email yesterday to Norwegian police about the same thing:

A couple of weeks ago I filed a police complaint of another serious matter and I have filed numerous police compaints since 2011, including one in June 2011 about an incidents in May 2011 that should have been looked at in investigation of the 22nd July case.

You can also find other kind of information in my blog where I give all details about what has been going on for years. If Jens Stoltenberg has been behind he should not have position as secretary general in Nato.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards
Christian Morten Borge
Phone: +47 94782202

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