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Genital psychosis in some people

I’m attracted to women and I’m heterosexual. The reason for why I’m not in a relationship is simply that I have had very special challenges a few years and haven’t met a right women at a right time.

Just like people are different I assume also people’s genitals are different both with regard to shapes, sizes, angles and directions. Mine is probably also unique. The women I have had successful sex with have not complained, and neither have I on them, despite different sizes and shapes on them as well.

What really surprises me is the uncertainty some men and people seems to have about this issue. Do some men have a kind of genital psychosis? Is this a Norwegian newspaper problem only?

Even if people had their genitals in their faces or on the back people would have found a way to have sex. Which probably means that sexual orientation is about the mind, not about a size, shape, angle or direction.. And isn’t having sex also about making children and getting a family? Isn’t that the most important part of life for many people?

So sexual orientation is probably first of all about the mind. Not about the genitals.


By | 22 September, 2018 |