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No plans dying and don’t want other people to die in the future either..

From 2002-2004 I worked in the municipality of Baerum for homecare services. Not the job I had anticipated to end up in but took the job randomly because I needed an income. I turned out to be nice people working there, nice people to work for as well as useful to learn for example importance of medical journals in health services.

I regarded everyone working there as nice. Of course different, because everyone are, and I also worked on the same team for some time with a nice woman from Brasil married to a Norwegian man. After focus on the trial and investigation of Gjermund Cappelen and Eirik Jensen I have realized her husband was involved in Gjermund Cappelen’s activities.

I must be honest, because it is a serious case, that she once told me about certain things in a kind of dispair because of special challenges she had. I respected that and did not talk with anyone about the information she gave me. We had no personal realtionship beyond just a normal work relationship but I liked her.

After the special challenges I have faced since 2011, which I have talked about in my blog, I assume things are realted. It would not surprise me if the investigation of Gjermund Cappelen’s
activities was triggered because of an investigation of the 22nd July case, to someone stealing keystrokes from me for years and to the war against terrorism (complicated but I do believe things are related in a complicated way now). I have done nothing wrong, in that regard, but people have had delusions after 2011.

After I experienced a threat after May 2011 I sent some emails to different parts because of the uncertainty that arose, but I believe it was the people who stole my keystrokes who
pulled the strings. Emails are easy to delete and make disappear.

I have not been involved in drug dealing nor any other crime of relevance to other people, and have not talked with the woman I worked with since 2004. I think I passed her once sometime later, when thinking more about it, we said hallo like people normally do when seeing someone after a long time and had a normal conversation lasting maybe a couple of minutes simply because we recognized each other from the time we worked in Barum.

When it comes to the trial against Gjermund Cappelen and Eirik Jensen I wonder if also El Chapo was arrested because of the same investigation.

For this reason, because facts are just impossible to run away from, I am positive to work to prevent bad things from happaning as a consequence of the above, of course on certain terms.
So far I have not succeeded in doing anything successful, probably due to corruption and sabotage and someone monitoring and stealing my work for years. That must stop for one, and I want to be able to have a woman in my life. I think someone manipulating circumstances around me have pulled strings from time to time.

I do not have a value higher than the average person I believe, but I think I am capable of playing a role in a creative kind of work using my experience after I started my sports project in 2005. I am reliable when it comes to doing deals and capable of being part of a team running a legal business.

My point is, if anyone involved in Gjermund Cappelen’s business (including people higher up in his hierarchy) wants to support a small business in my name they are welcome to contact me using a lawyer (see text below). Of course all activities relating to such a business must be within the law. One condition is that I need the insanity going on around me for years to stop, and I need someone to help me stop people having stolen my private data for years. 

I have no plans moving around for the rest of my life.. and it is not my responsibility to hold people involved in Gjermund Cappelens business responsible for their crimes. When that is written, I believe that it often helps victims in tragedies that people take responsibility and are honest when they have responsibility and something bad happens. More than I believe in putting people in prison.

A lawyer may contact me using my email address 47-94782202@outlook.com or call me at 47-94782202 if interested in my suggestion. It is important this is done in ways that don’t cause problems to anyone.

I don’t owe anyone in the 22nd July case anything, because I had nothing to do with what happened nor do I have any responsibility for what happened.

Because of the seriousness in what has been going on, I assume any lawyer will think twice if he or she considers sending me a message not playing tricks. When it comes to information about circumstances after 2011, and exactly what has happened and why it has happened, my knowledge is limited by the information I read in newspapers and on the internet. I have not taken part in decision making in serious cases, and I have not played a role in any investigation beyond being a piece in someone elses game. Which has to stop.




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