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Is there a “World internet police station”?

Maybe there should be a “World internet police station” if there isn’t one? Operating independently of all nations but supported by authorities in different counties?

-It should be possible to file police reports to such an organization regardless of where a person lives for investigation purposes of internet crime. Police in Norway for example does not seem to have capacity nor will to investigate such crime, which may be a symptom of something missing. Norway is a well developed country so when this is missing in Norway it is probably missing in other countries as well!
-Unless a private person, a company or even a secret service in a country is caught the nation which first can be linked to the theft shall pay compensation to victims in serious cases.
Compensation can be calculated on the basis of for example the number or keystrokes, words and for how long it has been going on. If wealthy private people or companies are behind, and evidence suggests it for sure is not staged, maybe compensations can be calculated from the responsible persons wealth? Such police may partly be financed by a commisssion from  compensation fees to be motivated doing good investigations.
-Secret services must of course be able to monitor the internet in some ways, but secret services in different countries will obviously have different behaviour simply beause there are different attitudes around the world on what is acceptable and not. So maybe authorities should work together to make such an organization if they have not already done so?

This may be done in different ways but seems to me such a “police station” is missing today.
This may motivate police and authorities in different countries to spend more resources on internet security, simply because it will have a higher cost to authorities if especially people and companies break internet laws.



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