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My guess: Nuclear war within 20 years if mass surveillance continues like now

Mass surveillance is out of control. When people are encouraged to use PC for everything and any PC can be hacked (even PCs not having a network card) it is obvious to me that things will go wrong in the future. Peoples privacy must be respected. PCs must be built in a way so that people safely can tap a keyboard and save data on a pc not having to worry about spies.

What someone tap on a keyboard or say in a room may also mean different things. And it may be interpreted different ways. In a world in which earning a much money is more important to a lot of people than abiding by laws abuse of surveillance will continue.

People seem to think that people have changed after people got the internet and new technologies. But people are the same as people were 1000 years ago.

Tapping peoples phones, homes or pcs, for example, can’t replace talking to people to find out who people are. It seems as if some people think otherwise. Where are their minds? Are they nuts?

If someone is regarded as a risk, the best way of dealing with the person is contacting the person and talking to the person. And, if needed, helping the person in ways so that the uncertainty dissapears. Sometimes uncertainty may also be about delusions and pure anxiety. If not talking to people its impossible to deal with this kind of uncertainty.

What mass surveillance will do, if people can’t keep anything private (think about sensitive business information!), is that some peoples abuse will lead to wars.

It is good that secret services keep an eye on email communications and peoples internet activity (and phone communications) but surveillance must be very strictly monitored, because of the danger of corruption.


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