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Possible lawsuit for 500-1000 mill USD


I believe I have an interesting case for a US lawfirm concerning the terrorist attack
in Oslo 22nd July 2011, but also other incidents before and after.

I filed a complaint against FBI yesterday concerning special experiences I’ve had
since 2011. See the attached document.

From 2005-2011 I worked on planning a system for sports www.oponentus.com that turned out to be very promising but I got very special challenges in mid 2011. Two months before the terrorist attack.

When I started working on my sports project I contacted a decent Norwegian woman
in the 50-60s who had a relative married to someone from Pakistan living outside Oslo.
Through her relative she connected to a person having a company programming websites in Islamabad, and she outsourced programming tasks from me and others to that company for some years.

I cant exactly remember when but at some point I started sending them programming tasks directly.

Later it has become apparent to me that people connected to this company is very likely to have installed a keylogger on my pc, and that they have picked up all my keystrokes during the years 2005-2011. The problem is that someone has used these data in ways impossible to imagine.
Im sure that the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik somehow had an access to a version of keystrokes (likely to be manipulated) and that someone having a motive in my sports project
has manipulated or influenced him to do what he did. So basically I believe 22nd July had not happened if it had not been for people behind the theft.

I believe it also can be explained with the international war on terror after 2001, and that
secret services have failed to warn enough about different kind of risks. Police in Norway obviously failed, and I believe they had a responsibility for not stopping him before he reached the small island Utøya where he murdered a lot of youg people.

This is a very senstive case in Norway because I believe a lot of people actually
know what happened before 22nd July, and what maybe caused it. I stil dont except for my assumptions based on information I have picked up after 2011.

I also believe quite a lot of people in the US know what happened prior to 22nd July.

Anyway: To me it is very important to tidy up in this mess other people have caused before and after 2011. I have never known about any terrorist attack before it has happened (nor any other serious crime), and I have no responsibility in such cases, but I have an interest in that responsibility
around circumstances is clarified and placed where it should be. And that mistakes are corrected. I want a safe PC.

Regardless of what happened prior to 22nd July and who did something wrong in
Norway or abroad I believe the problems wouldnt have occured if the PC had been
built in another way. I had a well respected firewall, antivirus and believe I took all precautions one can expect from an average person. I never saw it as a risk typing something on my pc.

I have attached a drawing I made on my pc when I figured out that the main problem
is that the PC was built in a wrong way.

I am now looking for expert help to file a lawsuit against one or more large PC producers for two reasons:

1) I believe PC producers should pay for my discovery and their failure to make Pcs in a way suggested many years ago (I have not filed any patent application).
I think its fair to pay compensation to victims for consequences these weaknesses in technology
in the range 10-15 mill usd per victim of 22nd July (to their families), but also compensation to other people and families affected before and after 22nd July for the same reasons.

2) There is a need to make an example. Technology firms have a responsibility for making Pcs safe. A lawsuit will encourage PC producers to produce Pcs in other ways and focus on PC and internet safety.

If families of victims are not interested in a compensation, the proceeds from winning a trial
shall be paid to a foundation working for better systems and safer technologies.
Maybe also giving jobs and looking after people who have been negatively affected by such terrorist attacks.

I dont have resources to fund a lawsuit myself but I feel very confident I will find someone who may be interested.

I’m looking forward to receive an answer if this is of interest or not, and if not maybe you can suggest someone I can contact.

There may also be other lawsuits to file, against some Norwgian newspapers after abusing stolen and possibly manipulated data. This is less important as I see it today but maybe a small assignment
for someone to take on later.

Thank you for reading my message. Wish you a nice evening.

Kind regards
Christian Morten Borge
Phone: 47+94782202

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