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The problem after 22nd July has been mental illness

I have never had anything to do with the tragedy on 22nd July, and neither has my half brother,
so if the Norwegian police or secret police had asked me questions in 2011 an investigation would confirm all the details in my story about the sports project I worked on and everything else I have expressed on my blog.

I filed a police case report in June 2011 about an incident in May and had police in my apartment on Rykkinn in May/June 2011, I contacted a private investigator prior to July 2011, I contacted Norwegian secret police in 2011, gave them videos after 22nd July in which I shared my special experiences I had since May 2011, I delivered my pcs to a firm specializing in data analysis after 22nd July because I suspected a hidden network connection, I contacted a journalist in 2012 before the trial against Breivik was done, etc. Why would I do these things if I had something to hide? It makes absolutely no sense.

If there had been asked questions it would only have led to an understanding of details irrelevant when it comes to me and my family and the 22. july trial. My family has never had anything to do with what happened on 22nd July and that would be even more apparant if questions had been asked then.

The problem after 22nd July is that a lot of people have been mentally ill. Neither that has had anything to do with my family but it has been annoying because their illness have remained unthreated and they have bothered me and probably also other innoscent people.



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