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Notes from Copenhagen

Written in Copenhagen on late on Friday 1st June 2018 and edited 04.06.2018/05.06.2018


It has been a special day and I need to be honest. Yesterday I received a threat towards people I care about and that is unacceptable. Of course I also see that as a threat to myself and I saw no other way than informing police about it.

My intention when I came to Kiel from Hamburg with car was to ship the car back to Norway and return to Hamburg to register at the employment office there.
As I mentioned in an earlier video it’s no solution for me to stay and live in Norway considering how things have been like the last years unless there is a Norwegian change in attitude. I need to move abroad.
The good thing for people interested in my projects is that it’s a lot easier for me to abandon ownership completely to someone else then. And that I think I will do.

But I can’t lie about the story. What I spent my time on between 2005 and 2011 is important information to me. After the summer 2017 I have also spent a month on planning a team part (still needing some more thought) for the system, and filed some patent applications and design applications for other ideas.

I do seriously consider moving abroad these days and will probably then just try to get a normal job. I think it is very difficult to work with projects like mine in Norway. A network of people have been after my work and I even believe they have entered my home and backback when I have not paid 100% attention to it.

Norwegian police should have helped me revealing people behind many years ago. A network of people from many nations have been involved.
I think there is a common perception in most Western societies that people shall not get very rich on illegal activities. I also believe there is a common perception that a very important condition for living in peace with other people is that people shall not harm people physically and not steal either by threats or in any other way.
I’m not inventing these thoughts. This is how it has been like in Norway and most Western countries for many years. It is also how it will be like in the future. I believe my thoughts on this are common perceptions amongst the most powerful people in the world, and that implies that is how it will be like in the future.

The good thing about going abroad is that I have realized that neither of my projects are very important to me if I move to another country. Yes, they are important part of my story because it is important information about what I have been up to.
In Norway I believe I should have had respect for my work but people are not willing to do so. On the contrary some mentally ill people blame my for matters I have never had anything to do with.

But I’m willing to abandon ownership to all my projects. Simply because police in Norway don’t do their job. If moving abroad there will be a new environment for me and moving will change my focus and I will get away from people who have caused these problems for me.

When making an effort in work in believe it’s fair to expect a respect and an acceptance for the work done, and especially in my country of birth and in the country where I do my work. People in Norway have done the opposite and ignored my project as a motive and even blamed me for insane matters. Moving abroad will be a psychological relief in that way.

In order to stay in Norway I may need more support from people I know well, whom have supported me in good ways so far but may need further support to deal with it in a right way.

If I move people can do whatever they want to do with my projects and that is good for them. I’m fine with having a normal job and I can live at a low cost.
Life can be good without having much and this has nothing to do with God and Jesus.

My opinion is that it’s better not being rich and abiding by laws, then being rich and not.
That’s just my honest opinion.

I also like to share some thoughts today about the trial against Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen. Regardless of what lead to the trial there is one very simple truth: Buying and selling some types of drugs has been illegal in Norway and in most other countries for many many years. Probably because there has been a common perception that some types of drugs are harmful to the human body and mind.

People who have been dealing drugs in Norway relating to Gjermund Cappelen and his people have exposed themselves and taken risks. That is a person’s own responsibility. When that is mentioned I think the problem is more complex.
There is a reason for why people have been engaged in selling illegal drugs. Some are missing an adequate income to cover their daily needs and many societies don’t have sufficiently good social security benefit arrangements. Social security should be a right and impossible to stop payments by police and other authorities.

So I think the fact that some people are dealing drugs reflects a political system weakness many countries have.
Illegal drug dealing is regarded as a serious crime in most countries and if people get caught they may be imprisoned for years. In some countries I believe people may even get a death penalty for it.

I think this way of dealing with illegal drugs complicates problems. Rather than imprisonment I think psychiatric and psychological aid is a better way to deal it it. A strong argument for that is that it really is the responsibility of politicians and authorities that people don’t have to break laws to get a sufficient income to have a fair life standard.

Having been both in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover the last weeks I see that a poverty problem excists in all cities. Some people don’t have a home.
So is it strange that drug dealing has been a way for some to get an extra income?
I think there should be a change in thinking. Anyone should have a right to and an easy access to a bed in the citiy they live in. This should not be very expensive to make happen if doing it in smart ways.
Social security benefits should also be sufficiently high for people to cover their most important needs. And it should be easy for people to move from one country to another when that is needed for social or political reasons. If moving from one country to another within EU now people are required to work for many months to qualify for social security benefits. It shouldn’t be like that. Social security benefits should be a benefit everyone has a right to regardless of where they live. I think this is a matter of safety in societies for people having a sufficient income.

“Social security and making sure people have a bed is a way of keeping peoples state of mind neutral.”

People also have a need for a place to go everyday if not have work, are not being self-employed and don’t have other kind of obligations.

Back to the trial against Gjermund Cappelen and Eirik Jensen:
As mentioned I think people dealing illeagal drug wgo get caught should be given psychiatric threatment rather than prison. And I think the same about people who use illegal drugs.

I have earlier shared ideas on how cities can place sleeping boxes at different locations in or not too far away from city centres for people with no homes and backpackers. They may be monitored by videocameras for peoples safety, and may have nearby buildings at least with showers, toilets and facilities for cleaning clothes so people can stay clean. Expecially in cold areas of the world these boxes may be made with heating cables so people can stay warm, and beds may for example have a poweroutlet for reacharging a cellphone or pc.
I think this is a very good idea that should be tested out.

They may even be set up by hotel owners and financed by peoples social security. Of course how to make these sleeping boxes and nearby facilities will need further thinking to make them in good ways.

Back to the Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen case:
I was working for a public health service just outside Oslo between 2002-2004 and had a female colleague married to a person whom I think was a member of Gjermund Cappelen’s network of people.
She shared emotions on some personal challenges and mentioned then her husband was dealing drugs. She never mantioned Gjermund Cappelen’s name, and neither her own husband’s name. I liked her and didn’t want to cause problems for her and her husband and kept the information to myself.

When people involved in such illegal drug dealing get caught it’s because of work by secret services and police. I have wondered if their network of people were revealed because of what happened on 22nd July 2011 (the terrorist attack in Oslo). The terrorist attach has cost a lot of people a lot of money including myself.
I didn’t understand what was going on around me in 2011 and also for some time after.
I had many theories. Do someone really mean I have a responsibility for a person telling me her husband is involved in drug dealing? I have not had any kind of realtionship with her beyond work relations between 2002 and 2004, and I have not stayed in contact with her after 2004. I don’t know anyone related to Gjermund Cappelen nor Eririk Jensen.

While and after having worked with her I have wondered if it was not random that she was part of the same work team as myself. Was it manipulated by someone? If so, by whom?

These kind of cases are serious so I think it’s important that police make sure that they are handled in manners that do not get innoscent people killed or hurt. Seeing drug dealing as a matters for psychiatry is better and safer than how it is dealt with now.
It’s police’ and secret service’s responsibility that these kind of cases are handled intelligently.

Gjermund Cappelen could have been caught already between 2002-2004. And I think it’s very likely that is was Norwegian police’s decision they were not then, and that is my point. This has been in the hands of police has nothing to do with one private person like me.

So why exactly were they caught after 2011? just like the police and secret services have ignored crimes committed against me for years they have ignored Gjermund Cappelen’s activities.

Is that random? I don’t think so. I think people having a motive in my sports project have pulled strings.
Honestly it makes no sense at all that anyone shall just get my projects for free, which are legal projects, in a kind of trade for people to stop some kind of criminal activities..

Their activities have had nothing to do with me. I have no problem being understanding and helpful towards anyone but that requires oppenness and communication. When that is said, because of the ignorance by Norwegian police and authorities, I am ready to abandon my projects so anyone can do whatever they want with them.


When I came to Copenhagen on my way from Kiel on Saturday morning I first parked my car nearby a buss station named Hellerup Stasjon. By the station I noticed a man with a muslim woman and asked him to show me my location on my map. His woman was sitting in a way with her head down I normally would interpret as she was very sad, but of course I may have interpreted this in a wrong way.

What happened was that he took my map in his hands, then the pen I was holding, moved his hand to his pocket and picked up a cellphone. I wonder if someone called him. He said the word “geschut” and a couple of other words I didnt understand.
I figured out it was time to go and decided to move the car away from the area and closer to the city centre.


Furthermore I visited the police station in Hamburg one day and gave my written testimony in a special case. It concerns the injury of Michael Schumacher if it was no accident. I don’t know but I think I have a reason to question it.

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