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Fjordmann’s job opportunities and failure of Norwegian police to take on full responsbility

Edited 20.04.2019

It’s today Thursday 18th April 2019. I’m sitting in a café at Majorstuen in Oslo. It’s now Easter holiday.

Thoughts I like to share today concerns the tragedy in Norway the 22nd July 2011. It’s now almost 8 years ago and I believe someone has a problem with dealing with the issue of responsibility and whom to blaim.

I recently read that Peder Jensen, A Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik often quoted in his manuscript, has had a problem getting a job because of what happened https://www.nettavisen.no/nyheter/fjordman—har-gatt-atte-ar-uten-jobb-pa-grunn-av-breivik/3423664863.html .Despite the fact that he had never confirmed nor accepted that Anders Behring Breivik could quote him. Why do I mention this? I think it is wrong.
The man had no responsibility for what happened and had no information that could have prevented the tragedy, unless important details in the case have been held back.

I mention this because I believe someone may also have been sabotaging my job oppoturnites and projects at wrong premises, maybe for similar  reasons.

There are two important questions that must be asked and answered to understand guilt in such a serious case: (1) Did you have information about Breivik’s plans before he did what he did and (2) did you consciously do anything that lead to the tragedy. People responding “no” to these questions have no responsibility.

When it comes to police it is another case. Police has the main responsibility for preventing terrorism and other crimes in Norway. On the 22nd July the terrorist should have been stopped earlier after the bomb exploded in Oslo. The fact that it took too long time can only be explained by failure of the Norwegian police alone, and a representative of the Norwegian police or justice department should have taken on full responsibility for that regardless of what happened prior to the terrorist attack.

Not doing so dismantles responsibiliy and has allowed someone to blaim wrong people for an incident that should never have happened in the first place.

If Peder Jensen or anyone else had a responsibilty it’s the Norwegian justice system that should deal with it. Not anyone else preventing people from taking honest work.

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