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Relinquishing future inheritance to be on the safe side (edited)

To whom it may concern 30.10.2018

Relinquishing future inheritance

I hereby relinquish all future inheritance (Norwegian inheritance act § 45 ) from all family members and relatives including my father Morten Borge, grand mother Magdalene Johansen and others. I love or care for my family and relatives but have experienced a series of different types of crimes committed against me before and especially after the summer 2011 (that possibly startet in or before 2005) not handled by police despite numerous police cases filed after May 2011 (violation of a number of laws including section 266 and 266 a in the Norwegian penal code).

I do so simply to protect them all, and myself, against different kind of abuse on the basis of that someone have tried to create wrong perceptions abusing the stolen keystrokes. Stealing and abusing such keystrokes is a violation of section 201, 204 and 205 in the Norwegian penal code. I wonder if the abuse is related to a sports project I worked on from 2005-2011 (and for sometime after) and that someone have used keystrokes as a tool to manipulate people with a financial motive, and possibly also in a revenge motivated by the war against terrorism. People from Pakistan worked on programming the project. I filed a patent application in Norway to obtain a better evidence on copyright and ownership to the project in 2011 (NO20110622). I also wonder if it may be related to the fact that I was a childhood friend of John Killengreen, son of earlier chief of police in Norway, Ingelin Killengreen. And because of mentally ill Norwegian police and politicians, a mentally ill member of the Norwegian royal family or other people being mentally ill after 22nd July, and that someone have attempted to create a wrong perception about something going on for years until 22nd July 2011 (and after) relating to the sports project in an attempt to get away from a responsibility they might have had in some serious crimes. I also question if they are ignoring relevant information today for covering up mistakes made by police and other decision makers both before and after 2011.

I can’t live in a country in which police and law enforcement ignores relevant information in investigation of different kind of crimes (and not talking to people affected) and in which politicians and police lie in a very serious case.

Should anything happen to any of my family members and relatives in the future I want my part of any future inheritance from family members and relatives to be used for investigative purposes for holding responsible people responsible. If nothing happens I want my part of an inhertience to go to my only half brother.

In my opinion Norway is a country of dishonest people after 22nd July 2011 at the expense of honest and I can’t live in such a country. I have no problem working and providing for myself and will do fine without future inheritance.

Oslo, 30.10.2018

Christian Morten Borge
National identity number 150674 45772
Silurveien 55, 0380 Oslo

Witness 1 Witness 2

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