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Reporting the Chief Medical Officer in the city district of Ullern in Oslo to the police

In a resolution passed on the 31st October 2018 the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Olaf, wrote I have been mentally ill for more than 20 years. It is  also written in the resolution that I am not capable og holding a normal conversation with people.

This is all wrong and must be a misunderstanding. I have not been mentally ill for more than 20 years but was involuntary admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 2015 because of special circumstances prior to the hospitalization. Except for some conversations after 2011 with a psychologist/psychiatrist in the psychiatric hospital located at Vinderen in Oslo named “Voksenpsykiatrisk avdeling Vinderen” I had never been a patient with a psychologist/psychiatrist.

Neither have I had any problems with taking part in conversations.

When I visited the police station at Majorstuen in Oslo earlier today I filed a written request for getting a transcript from all Norwegian police registries with information registered in my name.
I was told I have filed more than 20 reports to the police and wonder if the number is right and if police has registered wrong information in my name.

The resolution had consequences for me, and despite the fact that I pointed out the mistakes to the doctor and that people present at the emergency ward in Oslo who saw the written resolution
were slightly astonished by the Chief Medical Officer’s handwriting the Doctor ignored the fact that my behaviour did not indicate psychosis in any way. Nor did I say anything indicating I was a danger to myself nor others.

The resolution was in conflict with the section of Norwegian law regulating enforced psychiatric treatment and I wonder who influenced on the Chief Medical Officer.

I wonder if corruption explains the resolution and I now think the following should happen:

  1. The Chief Medical Officer in the city district of Ullern in Oslo is given a chance to apologize the mistake and to send a corrected resolution to the hospital where I am today, which I can present in a meeting with the authority supervising the hospital when I meet with them within 10 days. The meeting will be about my stay in the hospital and whether or not a continued stay is needed.
  2. If the Chief Medical Officer declines option 1) I want the Chief Medical Officer prosecuted and punished according to Norwegian law for reporting wrong information to the emergency ward in Oslo and to Voksenpsykiatrisk Avdeling Vinderen in the resolution dated 31/10/2018.

I am fully aware of my responsibility when I file this report to the police both as a witness and as a victim. I think that the city district of Ullern in Oslo, and the Chief Medical Officer, should be fined for the mistakes they have made and for an unneeded enforced stay in the hospital. People in the hospital are very nice (workers/patients) so it’s not about that.

Three people were present before I talked with the Doctor in the emergency ward in Oslo and should be able to confirm that I did not behave psychotic and not in any way indicating I was a threat to myself and others.

Oslo, 6/11/2018 (reported 7/11/2018)
Christian Morten Borge

-Photocopy of resolution from the Chief Medical Officer in the city district of Ullern In Oslo
(1 page)
-Photocopy of email to the Norwegian secret police (pst)
(3 pages)
-Photocopy of summary explaining details concerning 22nd July
(3 pages)
-Photocopy of a complaint on the hospitalization to the authority supervising psychiatric hospitals in Norway


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