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Reporting to police a possible research project using new technology for Reading a Person’s Thoughts 8.11.2018

Because of the tragic incidents on the 22nd July 2011, and some incidents before and after, and details described in the attached police case filing from 7th November 2018, I wonder if someone have used me in a research on technology which may be used for reading a person’s thoughts. I have never consented to being used in such research.

When I asked myself this question some months ago I first considered it too far fetched but after a while I did a search at Google and found that Facebook, a company named Neuralink and possibly also other reseach environments have been working on technology fo making reading of thoughts possible.

I published a video recently with the title “About mind reading technologies, interpretation of thoughts and impact of information on emotions” on youtube in which I share some thoughts about the matter (www.borgesblog.com/newtechnology).

Reading a person’s thoughts may not be regulated directly by Norwegian law but is very likely to be in conflict with different sections of the law if a person has not consented and is not familiar with that someone can read his or her thoughts. If not consenting it will be an obvious offense to a person’s privacy. All red lamps will shine when it comes to for example intellectual property rights (new ideas and inventions).

A minimum requirement should of course be a written consent from the person having his or her thoughts read, maybe with an attorney representing his or her rights, and that it is harmless to the brain and body.

Another problem is that people having an access to technology that can be used for reading a person’s thoughts possibly lack an understanding in how to interpret different kind of thoughts. Why does a person think what the person thinks under different circumstances? What is normal and what is not?
They simply do not know about it to really make sense of such information. Perhaps except for getting a yes or no answer when it comes to whether or not a person has been involved or has a responsibility in an incident many years of research will be needed for interpreting thoughts in a right way.

If someone have used me in such research without my consent (and of course without my knowledge) it may have ruined projects for me and caused unnecessary problems. I am fine today but I think police should investigate whether or not I have been used in such research, and that they should start by contacting:

  1. Diakonhjemmet Sykehus Psykiatrisk Avdeling Vinderen
    Mrs. Ellen Wessel, Ph: 22029800
    Mrs. Sidsel Onstad,
  2. Vår Frue Hospital
    Mr. Fred Heggen, Ph: 22996600
  3. Neuralink (USA) www.neuralink.com

I mention Neuralink because I believe someone having a position in Tesla, or having a relation to someone with a position in Tesla, has watched over me for several years.

I foresee two possible outcomes of this police case filing:

  1. If someone has used me for research they contact me and give me information about how, for how long and side effects. I will thereafter consider the information.
  2. People who have taken part in it are prosecuted and punished according to Norwegian law, and pay a compensation for the pain and suffering it has caused.

If a person is given injections with a substance not approved by Nowegian health authoritites, or an unknown technology is used for research, and it gives serious side effects someone can have a motive in covering up information. Diagnosing a person as paranoid psychotic is a very convenient way of denying assertions. 

If someone have used me in research and people who have taken part in it do not give me needed information within 1st December 2018 I want them prosecuted and punished according to Norwegian law. I then also want them to pay a compensation.

Oslo, 08.11.2018
Christian Morten Borge (Ph: +47 94782202)
Norwegian id number: xxxxxxxxx

-Police case filing on targeted disruption of my sleep during my stay at Psykiatrisk avdeling vinderen dated 08.11.2018 (4 pages)
-Police case filing against the city district doctor, filed 7.11.2018

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