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Part of emails to the Russian Ministry of sports..(yesterday)

I have been working on very exciting sports projects since 2005 and if the Russian Ministry of sports will accept I would like to transfer ownership of my most recent patent applications to the Russian Ministry of sports.
You will find all the application attached: The original 6 applications in one file which I have attached only for formal reasons+ each application edited in separate files. I would recommend looking at each 
application in the order: NO20171385, then NO20171394, NO20171454, NO20171524, NO20171602, NO20180006 and NO20180007.
I made an equal attempt in 2015 with an earlier project (www. oponentus. com ) but got problems with Norwegian authorities. I have been ignored and sabotaged by Norwegian authorities/people for many years so I consider moving abroad. That is the main reason for why I send this proposal. I dont want to work for Norwegian people on terms I have never accepted, and I believe that is how it is now.
I have a continous problem with people trying to steal my work, and that Im really fed up with….
It may very well be my ideas (the patent applications) aren’t worth anything but at least this is an expression of goodwill from my side….

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