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My phone call to Anders Behring Breivik’s mother early 2010

A phone call sometime early in 2010 to Anders Behring Breivik’s mother was no crime. Some thoughts about this call:

-I called because I didn’t see Breivik’s mother in my mother’s funeral in 2007. Wenche Behring was no friend of my mother but a person living about 100 meters from my mother in Hoff Terrasse the about 5 years my mother lived there. They did not know each other before my mother moved there. I noticed the times I visited my mother, while walking in the area with her, that Wenche Behring was a person she said hallo to while out walking. They were in a same age group, Wenche Behring being slightly younger than mine, so this was just polite and natural behaviour.
-People living in the area of Hoff Terrasse often bought food at a same local grocery store, meaning that the same people often went there.
-I saw Wenche Behring maybe 3,4 or 5 times during the years I visited my mother between 2002 and 2007. I can recall Wenche Behring also came up in my mother’s apartment once and sat in the veranda for maybe 15 minutes talking about normal things. Possibly just to see where and how my mother lived. That may have been in the summer 2005 or 2006 but I’m not sure.
-When I talked with Wenche Behring on phone early 2010 for a few minutes it was only about taking a cup of coffee. Nothing else. I did not talk with Anders Behring Breivik whom I have never met nor communicated with. I did not know how he looked like and did not call her because of him. My call was a polite call to wenche Behring. It resulted in nothing because my attention was directed towards other things later in 2010 and in 2011 such as my project, strange behaviour from a neighbour and renovating my apartment.
-If someone have been uncertain about my phone call why haven’t they investigated it and contacted me about it? It should be possible to ask Wenche Behring to confirm my story. If she can’t it is also possible to check if Anders Behring Breivik was in the same location when I called. He probably also had a phone and it should be possible to check his location data. There also may be evidence saying he did something else the minutes I talked with his mother, for example by looking at bank statements.
May be also internet or email history can say something.
-Anders Behring Breivik and Wenche Behring had different names. Why should I link the two just after the terrorist attack? I had never met him, didn’t know how he looked like and had never communicated with him. The fact that I had not communicated with him can also be checked and confirmed by looking at my phone and email history.
-Why would I call his mother if I wanted to talk with him?
-I assume phone records also will confirm that there has been no phone calls or messaging between my mother and Wenche Behring/Anders Behring Breivik. That will also confirm my story.
-My brothers and sister did not know who Wenche Behring and who Anders Behring Breivik was. It should also be possible to get that confirmed by checking their phone bills.
-The phone call I took was 12-18 months prior to the terrorist attack and only lasted for some minutes. I experienced a threat after May 2011 due to a neigbour and my focus was on moving, staying alive and on my project.. I was under quite immense pressure for months after May 2011. It is quite serious when having to move because of a neigbour.. Why should I remember and think a phone call lasting for a few minutes early 2010 was relevant when no one contacted me about it? If it was relevant then police should have done their job and contacted me about it.
Think about this: If you called someone you don’t know well 12-18 months ago, and talked with the person for a couple of minutes, will you think about the phone call today? You had only seen the person a few times in your life and and the last time about 4 years ago.. In 2011 I had not seen Wenche Behring since sometime before our mother passed away in 2007.
-Also Wenche Behring was probably under quite immense pressure that summer.. Is it possible that she also forgot about the minutes unless someone reminded her? What did she say if someone asked her about it? It is impossible she has said the conversation was about something else because it was only about taking a cup of coffee in memory of my mother. It was a polite phone call from my side seeking to talk with someone independent of family who sometimes talked with my mother!
-I believe all my internet history will confirm my story. I never visited any questionable websites in this regard but most often websites relating to my sports project.
-It is also impossible someone has ever seen me together with Anders Behring Breivik because we have never met. It is also impossible someone has seen me together with Wenche Behring after my mother passed away in 2007.
-How many people does a person talk with over 12-18 months? How many people does a person meet over 12-18 months?
-I have sent emails to Breivik’s attorney as well as to the prison he has been seeking answers. I believe someone with an access to stolen keystrokes from me has contacted Breivik and tried to create a wrong perception in people. The link is there. Not me.

Talking with someone for a few minutes on phone is no crime and I think my story can be confirmed if details are checked. There are also many other reasons to believe my story which I have listed many times earlier:

-I filed a police case on a neigbour June 2011
-I contacted a private investigator later that summer before 22nd July because something was wrong
-I delivered my PCs to a firm being experts on data security after July 2011 because I suspected that someone had stolen data from me (keystrokes is a better word). I wondered how.
-I contacted Norwegian secret police 3 or 4 times in 2011/2012 (I think it was 2011/2012) and even had Norwegian secret police in my appartment. I delivered videos in which I explained the uncertainty I had experienced.
-I delivered the same videos to the most respected Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten in 2012 before the trial was ended.

All these details can be checked and most confirmed. So who has tried to create a wrong perception after 2011? I believe police has done a big mistake and someone has a responsibility for that.

22nd July was just a normal day for me apart from the uncertainty I had experienced for some time. On that day I lived in a small apartment at Stabekk just outside Oslo. If I remember right I slept quite late that day and took the train from Stabekk station to Lysaker station at lunch time or maybe sometime after. I there had a cup of cofee and something to eat while reading newspapers, and heard from the woman behind the counter something serious had happened in Oslo.

Skøyen is a part of Oslo with apartments, office buildings and shops spread over a quite a large area but within walking distance (may be 15 minutes+/- walking from one end to another?). Karenslyst alle, in which the café I visited was located has cafés and some eating places and is a natural place to visit when wanting to go to Oslo from for example Snarøya or Stabekk. Nothing suspicious about the fact that I read a newspaper on that café during or after lunch that day.
If I had had something to do with Anders Behring Breivik’s actions i would probably be in another city or abroad.. While I was sitting there he was probably on his way to Utøya.
That summer i often went to cafés or Macdonalds in Karenslyst allé for having something to eat and for reading newspapers. I once made a map illustrating where the café was located as compared to the apartment of Breivik’s mother. Maybe 400 meters +/- from the location of the café. No crime in that.

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