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Translation of complaint to Kontrollkommisjonen (a commission supervising psychiatric hospitals)

I believe the requirements for passing the resolution of enforced psychological hospitalization and observation, in the emergency ward of Psykiatrisk avdeling Vinderen, on 1st November 2018 were not met.

My stay in the hospital since 1st November has been nice, and I assume there is a chance the hospitalization can be a step in a direction to solve a problem I have had, but firmly believe 24 hours daily stay 7 days a week is not needed. I also believe medication is unnecessary and  will therefore also file a complaint on a resolution on enforced medication.

Apart from the mistake of the doctor in the main emergency ward there was also wrong information written in the resolution passed by the chief medical officer in the city district of Ullern in Oslo. It was written that I have been mentally ill for 20 years which is a terrible lie. I have had different jobs during the last 20 years and for most of the time I have been doing fine. I can provide different kind of evidence if that is needed.

In the days/weeks prior to the hospitalization I have published videos in my blog showing me talk. I can’t see that contents in the videos give any reason for worries (www.borgesblog.com) .

Being concerned about different problems of our time in society, and thinking out ways to deal with them, is just a good thing for everyone.

When it comes to my medical journal, I don’t want people stated as next of kin to have an influence over future resolutions to be passed concerning my stay and treatment here (I informed the hospital about the same).

I am fine with any resolution passed requiring me to going to the hospital for talks regulary, may be with someone who also knew about my mother’s stay here before she passed away in 2007, but I see no need for medication and enforced hospitalization 24/7.

Anyway, I think it has been nice staying here, both meeting people who knew about and did not know about my mothers stay here.

Oslo, 5th November 2018
Christian Morten Borge
Phone: +47 94782202


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