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Translation of email to the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) on 25th October 2018

I visited PST’s office in 2011 and 2012 because of an uncertainty I experienced relating to a police report I filed early June 2011. In May/June 2011 I had two police officers from the crime section of the police station in Sandvika visiting my apartment.

In 2011/2012 I recorded and handed over videoes to PST in which I told about the uncertainty I had experienced. I cannot remember the exact contents but I think the matter I reported to police in June 2011 was the most relevant. I also told about that I suspected someone somehow had stolen data from me but was uncertain about for how long.

In 2011 I both contacted a wellknown Norwegian private investigator and I visited the office of company www.ibas.no seeking an understanding on how my data (keystrokes) had been stolen (handing over my PCs).

Before the trial against Anders Behring Breivik was done I also contacted the most respected Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten and handed over a copy of the videos I had given PST.

I believe people can confirm these details if witnesses are needed.

There has never been any communication or a link between Anders Behring Breivik and me. I did talk to his mother in cellphone for a few minutes sometime early 2010 about meeting for a cup of coffee How many people did she communicate with during the 1.5 years prior to her son’s terrible actions? 50-100 people? More?  Less?  I have explained my phone call to Wenche Behring at http://www.borgesblog.com/thephonecalltobreiviksmother/

I have never had anything to do with what happened on 22nd July 2011.

I believe many people had a knowledge to a data theft from me, that had been going on for many years in 2011, and that there are witnesses whom should be able to confirm that if needed in a trial.

The last couple of years I have had a problem with people whom I believe have had delusions about these matters, or trying to cover up something which has been going on prior to the tragedy on 22nd July in a despair attempting to place responsibility for their own actions on wrong people.

During the years after 2011/2012 I have also been a victim of data theft, despite the fact that I had given police relevant information.

Why wasn’t it stopped?

I believe a lot of people had a knowledge to the data theft. PST is part of the police and should have passed on information to another police department if that was needed for placing responsibility on right people.

My second question to PST this evening is: Why hasn’t PST and police confirmed that there has been an ongoing data theft and why haven’t people behind been held responsible?

I also believe someone have tried to create wrong perception of what my keystrokes have been about. Why haven’t anyone been legally persecuted for that and for covering up something going on for years?

If people responsible are dead it should still be a police investigation in order to confirm my story because the matters are too serious for ignoring details. That will help and correct people having a psychotic state of mind now collaborating in holding on to a story which is not true. They have annoyed me from time to time but I believe  I deal with it in acceptable ways despite the fact they sometimes distort my attention from work.

I believe they are mentally ill.

The problem is not my state of mind, which is neutral, but that they don’t get the psychological help they need. They bother people and need a correction either from police or a health care service.

I have wondered if the trial against Gjermund Cappelen and Eirik Jensen somehow is related but I think it is more complicated. There is no doubt the Norwegian Royal family has been affected in a way, which obviously is more important to protect than me, but I don’t think that is what this is about. This is about details in a very serious matter concerning the terrorist attack on 22nd July which someone should have investigated if someone have wondered if I had something to do with it.

When I called Wenche Behring early 2010 I suggested to meet for a cup of coffee about my mother passing away in 2007. I had never met nor communicated with her son.

Psychologically, in my mind I have never had anything to do with what happened on 22nd July but I wonder if I have in someone else’s mind. They are mentally ill. Therefore police, pst or a secret service should confirm details I share.

I have never given away a sports project to the Norwegian King or Queen  but wonder if a Royal family or his Majesty the Kings Guard has used my private keystrokes and my project in unacceptable ways.

Why hasn’t someone in PST confirmed that I visited PST in 2011/2012 and gave them videos to correct delusions ? Especially having newspapers such as VG. Dagbladet and Aftenposten in mind.  If someone has an awareness that journalists are capable of making up weird stories it is people at PST.

And why hasn’t PST and police confirmed details I have shared which can be proved, for example contents in the matter I reported to police in June 2011? The matter was close to the terrorist attack on 22nd July in time and should therefor have been investigated anyway.

Beyond the information I have shared in my blog it will be impossible to find any link between me and what happened on 22nd July because it doesn’t excist.

I hope for feedback on this matter as soon as possible, to be used for correcting delusions in mentally ill people. A statement I can publish in my blog will be helpful.

I believe someone have made a mistake in the 22nd July case both on my relatives’ and family’s expense. And that person is not me.

Kind regards
Christian Morten Borge
Phone: +47 94782202

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