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Why the word Oponentus?

Between 2005 and 2011 I considered using many company names/domains with my sports project. It started as a website using the domain idrettspartner.no (translated idrettspartner means sportspartner) and I also bought the name turneringer.no about the same time (translated to tournaments.no).

After some time I reasoned I needed a word people would remember easily in different countries and had many name ideas, and I first changed company name to Playacyp and intended using the domain Playacup.com as the main domain, but reasoned that there was a chance I could get a problem obtaining a trademark protection for the word Playacup. I therefore changed company name again to Oponentus As and filed a trademark application for the word Oponentus, and obtained protection in Norway, EU and the USA.

I decided to use “Oponentus” because it is unique and also descriptive of what the website that I initially engaged the small company Nettapp As to make was about, which was making a website that would make it easier for people to find an oponent in sports.

The planning of my projects from 2005-2011 is still not completely done and during the next year I will share more information about this. Money is not my main motivation but planning products/services that can cover needs for people who love participating in sports in better ways than before.

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